Health & Safety

  • Documented Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental policy is made available and recited by all employees prior to beginning of all shifts.
  • Periodic training to all employees and contractual work force on safety & occupational health..
  • Documented emergency preparedness plan is tested by conducting periodic mock drills.
  • Unbiased investigation of accidents and incidence. Investigations for identification and elimination of root cause carried out by technically competent personnel and external support taken whenever required
  • Hazop study conducted prior to new product launch and prior to process change.
  • Fire hydrant system with 50 KL water storage.
  • Safety equipments provided at critical locations..
  • Usage of PPE is mandatory
  • All lab trials carried out inside fume hood.
  • Safe discharge of static charge.
  • Well equiped occupational health center available.
  • All employees undergo periodic medical check-up.

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