Environment Vasant Chemicals is committed to ‘ production without pollution.’ The corner stone of Vasant ’s decision before embarking or launching a product is the product’s environment friendliness and ecological sustainability. As a proof of its commitment, Vasant was instrumental in setting up the first ever combined wastewater treatment plant at Hyderabad in India during 1987.

Waste to Wealth : : While manufacturing 7,000 Tons of intermediates per annum, Vasant had set up a comprehensive and self-reliant wastewater treatment, recovery and reuse facility in 2000. With this Vasant became one of the few companies with the capability to convert waste into wealth by recovering 7,500 Tons of Sodium Sulphate per annum.

Continuing the same philosophy and work culture, Vasant installed the Multiple Effect Evaporation and Agitated Thin Film dryer for handling high salt containing wastewaters.

Zero discharge Company : It is the firm belief of Vasant that it should continue to be a “ Zero discharge ” Company and adopt the principles of recovery and reuse in every process or product that we manufacture. The Greenfield project which is under construction at APSEZ, Atchutapuram will be a zero liquid discharge unit with comprehensive biological treatment system for low salt wastewaters and thermal evaporation system for high salt wastewaters. Solvent recovery and maintaining minimum VOCs in the atmosphere will be well below the permissible limits.

In addition to discharging its obligations and commitments towards environment and adopting eco friendly processes, Vasant is proactive in discharging its social responsibility completely. There is a continuous interaction with civil society and residents of neighbourhood coloinies to bring about and improve the general awareness.

Regarding matters of safety, health and environment cleaniness, the inputs given by the neighbours and residents are reviewed periodically and several measures are adopted to improve its operations for the benefit of all concerned.

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